Sunday, June 6, 2010

the boy is home!

Yay! He had an exceptional school year! He's pretty much got a free ticket for Summer fun! He's been playing other stuff (PS3 mostly) so we might not bump heads on playing wizards. We both hate using the laptop.* If I can get him to play, he'll be on his Pyromancer, Logan Spiritsword. I may be on Taryn Spiritsword. She still needs leveling.

*Last year, I was playing (NY Eve, 11:50pm) and smoke started pouring out of the battery pack. I didn't get to finish my quest until we got back home.

1 comment:

  1. AWW TARYN!!!! Get well soon! I didn't have a fever thankfully as that would have led to a prolonged hospital visit with far as I know it can't be transfered via computer. And if you start playing on other Taryn, I must meet her :D. Oh, and I already have the normal Mander...still need the dungeon creeper one. Get well soon!