Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still here

And I know I need to get this place spiffed up a bit... But what online time I'm squeezing out of the boy's time is being spent on.... *drum roll*
house hunting! Something like Dragon's Fjord would rock! Sadly, I don't think the ice would last long around here. Popsicles are averaging about 4.5 seconds. But everything we're looking at has amazing potential to become anything we want, and we're weird enough to go there.

Some time was spent checking out the test realm. The boy tackled a few of the Celestia quests and I took over for hatching a black cat/supportive wildclaw kit. The test gives me a chance to play with that, just to ease my curiousity.

Sorry my input hasn't been as great as it was on the Advanced Pet test. Just the way it's been lately.

Not wizard-related:
We've had some RL pet issues. Momo, the greatest gerbil ever, passed away. His brother, Sokka, died late last year. Momo was over three years old. That's pretty old in gerbil years. We are now without rodents. No more hairless Rattus norvegicus, or Rattus rattus, or chipmunks. Um, for the first time in decades, I think.
One of our older cats is in kidney failure. We're keeping him as comfortable as possible. On that reveal, we also had Alice-wezl checked out. They had to knock her out for a blood sample. It looks like her issues were caused by over-zealous play with the Papillons. In typical wezl fashion, she's gone from wild, no fear baby ferret, to easy-going, sleepy mature ferret practically over night. At least, her health is good overall and she can still stick the landing on a three foot long jump! Love my wezl-girl.
Maggie (domestic skunk) will go for a dental soon, if her bloodwork checks out. She's 9 years old. The oldest living pet skunk I know. She doesn't do much but eat and sleep. She loves fresh papaya.
All the birds are good, so *knock on wood* it stays that way. We just have too many chickens living in the house. The chickies won't be ready to go out for another month. Coco crows every day from 8:30 to 10:30 am. The boy told my SIL he tried to set the Coco Alarm for noon, but it didn't work. Isn't he cute? LOL!

OK, prolly too much posting about the RL pets. I can't help it! I hope to do some creative writing about Taryn's menagerie. That's really what I was planning when I started this blog.

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