Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do Electric Wezls Dream of Static Sheep?

Why Wezl?

Well, I've been the Wezl for so long, I'm not going to change that. It's been a part of Taryn, as well. Wezl is who stays up all night, seeking new adventures and new pets. Wezl loves to immerse herself in the colors and the characters and the action. Wezl is who keeps coming back, even when the subscriptions are due each month!

A business is the term for a group of ferrets. Like a "wiggle of Piggles"*, a "business of wezls". Busy-ness is what wezls do. And sleep. Wezls sleep ALOT! Especially when they get old!

So here it is! My first actual Wizard101 blog. My LJ and FB friends will finally get a break from my endless prattling over a "kid's game". At least I did recruit a couple new wizardlings out there!

Taryn Ravenheart
A Wizened Wizardly Wezl

*referencing Leesha and

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