Saturday, July 10, 2010

frostzilla and unicorns!

With the new updates, I went after the Frostzilla last night. Only took four tries, yay! I gave up on the diseased wildclaw and just bought it. Oh well.
OK, I also bought a unicorn mount, *girlie squee* Spent some crowns on gifts to the boy's account. Having a stack of crowns is fun, LOL!
I'm thrilled with the reduction on hatching costs. I haven't gone there yet.

Mostly, the boy has gone "home". Um, this is "home", but that is too. We spent time on the game and hopefully we can keep that up. At least until school starts. I'm missing him already.

Here's a couple o'links:
Friendly's Unicorn mushy stuff-

And the Robot Unicorn Attack- It's mega-puking kyute!

Tomorrow's another day. Today, actually. Hmmm. I guess I'd better do something about that. G'nite!


  1. Just a little question =) Where did you get the Frostzilla? I have been hunting it down for a long time =)

  2. hi, yeah. The Frostzilla was dropped by the Silver Sentinal before the last big pet update. I heard about it being removed as a drop from W101 website, and info on WCentral. So I got over to DragonSpyre and farmed him a couple times.
    Now, according to KI, you can only get one from the hatching process as a hybrid. That pet is called Icezilla, which leads some to speculate that there is still a Frostzilla out there waiting as a drop. So far, it appears the Frostzilla was retired that night, and only its kin, Icezilla, is available. Hope this helps. It has been a very confusing and controversial event.
    Thank you for asking, I hope I've helped. I'm sorry this is so confusing