Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vesna/Stone bug

So last night I decided getting on the test realm and checking out the Celestia stuff might be interesting. I got up to the Vesna instance and struggled through the multiple dialog issues, reporting as I went. After dying more times than I could count (karma maybe, since I'm rarely defeated anymore) and beating those $#*@!? Weavers about 5 times, it dawned on me that I should check the buzz on Central. I guess it took me so long to get it since so many ppl were posting about their experiences in the warehouse. There is a bug (-ish) deal. If you don't see the Stone after Vesna tells you she's fixed it, you need to hang out and some time later it'll show up. If you do like me and run around freaking out, leave, come back in, battle the Weavers some more, since that worked out so well earlier (anyone up for some positive reinforcement operant conditioning refreshers?) then go to WC to see if Prof Balestrom has it... well, you'll be out of luck. If you have a friend or two who didn't go through with you the first time (because they weren't really good friends to begin with?) or you find some random stranger who hasn't gone through the ordeal of the past several hours of mostly dying, warn them about the Stone and wait with them until it appears, maybe you'll get to Use The Stone. Someone posted it took several minutes. Some of us stood around for at least that long with nothing to show for it.

OK, I know it's Test and this is just the sort of thing to look for, but it just seemed like everyone was going on about getting past this and on to the warehouse without incident. If you're like me and maybe not the coolest kid to have an abundance of ppl running with you or other accounts full of GMs waiting in the wings, this is my warning to you. If you don't read it here (which you prolly won't) hopefully, you'll stumble across this thread on Central Use Stone of Mazzaroth before you attempt this instance.

I admit to being cranky about this. Going to bed sometime after 5 am tends to make me that way. Getting frustrated to the point of tears does as well. So, I think I'll go back to Live and do what I was doing already: aging pets to adulthood and farming for new pets and gold

I hope to take advantage of the

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Hubby gave me permission to spend the $60, but I also want to see (Avatar) the Last Airbender this weekend, which will prolly cost about the same. As far as the movie goes, I haven't set my expectations too high, so maybe it will be somewhat entertaining. I expect it to be more like a train wreck-you want to look away, but just can't. I can say it'll most likely be very pretty at least. Obviously, I'm a huge Avatar fan. The kid and I have followed the series all these years. I still cry every time I hear the Little Soldier Boy song. Maybe I'll post a review.

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