Sunday, July 4, 2010

new goodies!

The boy and I got the $10 Blockbuster card, so I have a new dragon!

Today was really busy. We upgraded all the e-toys around here. Tomorrow will prolly be spent getting stuff hooked up. Question: Have you ever gone out to buy something that was reasonably priced for something you just have fun with, and end up buying ... well. We went to buy the hubby his new laptop and me something for playing Wizards, but nothing fancy. Not fancy=not expensive or elaborate or super powerful. I don't need anything MORE. I had something reasonable picked out, and the hubby said I needed something faster. We looked at something else and I said if we were going to get the #2 we might as well get two of his choice. So... I have no idea what all it does or what the specs mean, but I guess it's a pretty darn good laptop*.
The bestest thing is I got a Bamboo Fun. It looks like it's gonna be a blast! I've been told for years I should get a Wacom tablet. EEEE! It has great reviews and it may be what I need to kick start my artist creative part that's gone walkabout in the past few years. I've already been thinking about my supplies and papers lately. I don't know, but if it can just be fun again, then that would be awesome!

Let's hope I still have time to play after all these goodies!
And I did purchase the crowns deal and we did go to see (Avatar) The Last Airbender

*To clear up some of my simple-brainedness, I have some medical issues and the meds I take mess up my memory. I can no longer access some of the skills I used to have. Processing is "off" so instead of going from a to b to c, somethings skip a or b and get c backwards. That sort of thing. Really frustrating since I know I used to know things.

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